School of Prophetic Arts

Jesus King of Kings International


This is our first course in the School of Prophetic Arts.
This course is Split into four components, each complete with online lessons, video modules and assessments.

Unit 1

Creative by Nature

Unit 2

Biblical Foundations of Music Theology

Unit 3

Kingdom Performance Elements

Unit 4

Turning Theory into Practice

About Us

School of Prophetic Arts is a new program from Jesus King of Kings International with the purpose of teaching and equipping those that God has called as artists, particularly as musicians. 

We believe that God is going to move powerfully though each session, releasing an impartation of His voice and power as we gather around His word. We believe God is training and equipping His saints to be powerful ministers in the arts, particularly in the area of evangelism.

Need more info?

If you are called as an artist, particularly a musician, I invite you to contact us to express your interest in the program.
We will be sure to send you the information required and answer any questions you may have.